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Garden Maintenance

We all lead busy lives and sometimes we need a little extra help around the garden to keep everything looking fresh and inviting. You might benefit from some Garden Maintenance if:

  • You require some maintenance once a week, once every other week, once a month, or as a one-time visit.

  • You have an established garden and need some help weeding, watering, pruning, fertilizing, or a general cleaning.

  • You would like seasonal lawn and garden fertilizing.

  • You are going on vacation and need someone to help with the watering while you're away.

  • You have existing plant material you'd like moved within the garden.

  • You are looking for someone to plant annuals, perennials, bulbs, shrubs, or a tree.

  • You have other garden tasks you need a quick hand with.

Garden Maintenance starts at an hourly at a rate of $60 per hour.

  • At this time, I do not provide any lawn maintenance services.

You love your garden, but need a bit of help. What's next?

Now that you've identified the service you require, let's look at the process and what comes next.

  1. Get in touch. You can contact me by using the contact information below or my contact page.

  2. We will discuss your maintenance needs and if interested in proceeding, we will book an appointment at a time which works best for you.

  3. During the appointment, we will review the scope of work and landscape spaces involved, review our previous discussion, and confirm the frequency of my visits.

  4. Once a schedule has been agreed upon, maintenance can begin for the duration of the contract.

Garden Maintenance starts at an hourly at a rate of $60 per hour.